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  Please contact my friends in charge of the majority of the staff, asked to buy goods, inventory, and so on, so as to allow you to accurately know the situation of goods, but also to reduce and avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. About the price problem: the price of information for our company roughly wholesale price, for reference only! If friends are interested in buying large quantities, or special circumstances, please contact us on.

Customer inquiry must: (in order for you to timely and accurately acquire: you want to purchase products and quotation, please follow the below Advisory) consulting rule: < br / > < br / > 1, wire specifications (copper square, number of cores, outer diameter of the sheath, sheath material, etc.)
2, plug style (which country, a few plug, solid or hollow)
3, quantity, certification, tail handle, delivery time, packing specifications we present bidding rules: according to the day of the copper, and PCV plastic price accounting out how much does it cost to produce your product, and for you to do these products we need the labor cost and material loss, after removing the basic cost, we extract only 1-2% of profits.

About delivery: we will confirm the way of cooperation and cooperation for your shipment.

We have a special delivery of goods to check the quality of the goods, please rest assured to buy.

A cooperation: receipt please be sure when a courier, open package inspection of goods are not damaged, check the number is correct, if found to have problems shall be refused, or have a problem must face when the courier contact us, after the signing, after leaving the courier, problems occur, the buyer, in order to have a pleasant transaction, please perform certain! Thank you Once the receipt is deemed to have been recognized for the goods.

Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiations of the company's business department.

To cooperate with you for a long time, to our company's integrity and your company to create a win-win situation.

Tel: 13738898520 Shen manager

Contacts:Mr.Shen mobile:13738898520 Company address: Zhejiang province Yuyao City Simen Town
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