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  Ningbo Pu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is the brand is Joe Pu, general manager and sales director at the beginning of June 1993, founded the company brand - Fu Songqiao. His desire is to hope that all the Chinese general back to China, to help their development of the motherland's modernization, at the same time, he hopes Joe PU production products generally universal, popular in the world, all over the world to authorized users. Joe temple is located in the northwest of Yuyao City in Zhejiang Province, 120 kilometers west of Hangzhou, 80 km east of Ningbo, north by the Hangzhou Bay, south of State Road 329.

Joe s success comes from advance awareness, the market is dynamic, the momentary changes requires us to the business philosophy of innovation as the guide, continuous pursuit of progress, let "Joop" products all over the world.

For a long time, we adhere to Joop behind the brand concept and philosophy, we emphasize the industry elite enterprises "to create a good environment, and seek common progress, emphasizing the importance of" people ", play a staff team creativity, will bring us an inexhaustible source of competitive advantage, jopp each employee are we get the key to success, it is their tireless efforts that Chop different, become more and more noticeable.

We continue to innovate and continue to improve, continue to self challenge, all the innovations we maintain the industry's leading advantage provides a solid guarantee, while maintaining Qiaopu electrical appliance to have continuous development power.

The arrival of the era of WTO, accelerate the pace of global economic integration, to show in front of us is unlimited business opportunities and challenges, in the face of the glow of dawn of the new century, people, Joe is logistics more broad prospects for development, to the common ideal, we will advance with the times, and constantly create new, general Joe is pushed to new heights!

In June 1993, general manager Mr. Fu Songqiao founded the Ningbo Joe General Electric Co. Ltd., founded the jopp brand

] in April 1995, Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. introduced machine of the second generation of injection plug, the plug of the machine from the original 220 root into the improved 3800 root < br / > < br / > In September 1998, our set up a power line laboratory, Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is the production of the power cord plug products of bending tensile test, circle degree test, high and low temperature test, destruction test.

In February 1999, with the fast network development, the popularity of electronic commerce, jopp adapt to the pace, joined the ranks of the electronic commerce, general Joe's official website was established. And a lot of customers in the convenience of online collaboration.

] in March 2003, our was awarded for Ningbo enterprises to give priority, in August of the same year, Joe & General Manager Fu Songqiao Mr. is Zhejiang Province was named the first entrepreneurs.

] in July 2004, after two years of construction, our 2 million square meters of modern workshop base completed, to the Division I to the modern international enterprises forward has provided the base of hardware.

] in October 2006, the Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. investment 3000 million, to build the domestic most advanced power line research and development base.

We sincerely thank all the parties to the love of Joe & P electrical appliances, and look forward to working with each of the common development of enterprises to cooperate sincerely to create a better tomorrow.

Contacts:Mr.Shen mobile:13738898520 Company address: Zhejiang province Yuyao City Simen Town
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