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Qiaopu appliances in this paper the various countries in the world the corresponding certification

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Qiaopu appliances in this paper, the various countries in the world the corresponding certification requirements!
1, China: the power cord in our domestic sales, also should abide by the Chinese compulsory product certification system, hereinafter referred to as CCC or CQC
2, Germany: the power cord export Germany is generally the most commonly used VDE certification, VDE directly involved in the German national standards, is Europe's most experienced enjoys a high reputation in the world of one of the certification body.In addition to the GS and CE, etc
3, France: the power cord export France needs to have the NF certification, NF is France's standard code, launched in 1938, the management institution is standardization association in France (AFNOR).
4, UK: the power cord export of Britain's most commonly used is BS certification.The British standards institution (BS), the world's first national standardization bodies.The British government admit and support non-profit civil society.The power cord in the British standards institute (BS) perform standard is: BS1363/1 standard, in addition to amadeus, etc is also implements this standard English certification body.
5, the United States: the power cord exports the United States must have the UL certification, exports of the United States and other countries, you also need to have UL labeling, UL labeling by UL certification issued by the company after the sampling inspection a labeling, is a symbol of quality pass.L is the insurer experiment (system Laboratories Inc.) the shorthand.UL safety test is the most authoritative, is also the world is engaged in the security test and evaluation of large civil institutions.
6, Australia: the power cord export Australia needs to have SAA certificate, SAA certificate for Australian Standards bodies for Standards Association of Australian's certification, so a lot of friends called the certification in Australia SAA.In addition to the C - Tick, etc., are all Australian standard inspection agencies, implement the same standards as Australian New Zealand!
Export Japan, Japan: the power cord must be verified by the PES, Japan PSE certification is mandatory safety certification, evidence of the motor electronic products has passed the Japanese electrical and material safety Law (DENAN Law) or international IEC standard safety standard test.
Export south Korea, south Korea: the power cord must be asked south Korea KTL Certification, in order to make consumers can more clearly understand the purchase will be marked on product Certification marks, and to reduce the financial burden of product manufacturers a variety of Certification fees, south Korea technology standard institute (katz) announced on August 20, 2008, will begin on January 1, 2009 new KC Certification system (Chesapeake Certification) Certification.(KC certification From KTL certification institution transformation and upgrade!
9, Brazil: the power cord export Brazil needs to have INMETRO certification, INMETRO certification and an abbreviation is UC certification, INMETRO is Brazil's national Accreditation bodies (Accreditation Body), is responsible for the Brazilian national standards.Brazil's most product standards based on IEC and ISO standards, the need to manufacturers in the design of products exported to Brazil should refer to the two sets of standard products.However, due to geographical and historical reasons, Brazil many provinces near the United States still use the United States UL standard power cord.
10, Italy: the power cord export Italy needs to be Italian iIMQ certification.IMQ is the abbreviation of Italian quality marks courtyard, in Europe, Italy and Germany belong to the eu member states, and IMQ is IMQ based on VDE certification standards, certification bodies, despite some VDE certification of wire products is also can be used in Italy sales!
11, Switzerland: the power cord export Swiss requires Swiss SGS certification,
Export South Africa, South Africa: the power cord is needed with South Africa SABS certification or SABS standard test report, South Africa's national Bureau of Standards (South substitutes Bureau of Standards, SABS) is according to the national Standards act passed in 1945, South Africa department of institutions.If you have a South Africa SABS test report, so your product can be sold in South Africa, the people of South Africa can be recognized test report!!!!!India also USES the same big pin with South Africa big power!
In the outside, we have a lot like the Netherlands KEMA certification, Belgium IBSBI attestation, Norway Nemko, etc.But the most countries, and most of the certification, are based on the German VDE certification standards, gu has VDE certification can be sold in the country.
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