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Qiaopu electrical produces rubber line of a few big characteristics

Date:2016-09-08 16:22:53Author:匿名visited:1188

Qiaopu electrical produces rubber line of a few big characteristics
First, ningbo qiaopu electric appliance co., LTD produces rubber line, has the very good elasticity, in the process of normal use, our consumers will often spread out, group, and the use of these large process, also need the rubber line will have a very good softness, has the very good elasticity, so as to guarantee the goods not because there is no high elasticity, and cause the present the appearance of cracks.Bring our produce some potential safety hazard.
Second, the high quality rubber line, needs to accept increasingly harsh environment.High quality goods, demand has the very good cold resistance, high temperature resistance, which can use in the hot summer weather, can also be used in cold weather in winter.Ningbo qiaopu electric appliance co., LTD produces high quality rubber line, has the very good accept the characteristics of bad environment.Such talent to ensure our customers' normal use, there is no confusion.
Third, the high quality rubber line, has the very good ultraviolet resistant properties.Many of the related equipment, all requirements to use outdoors.The intense ultraviolet radiation on the impact of commodity is bigger also.This also needs the rubber line, can have very good resistance to uv linear.Under the intense exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, for a long time about some inferior goods, there will be many destructive.Qiaopu electrical produces rubber line, effectively resist ultraviolet ray, about the damage to the goods, increase the using life.
Fourth, the high quality rubber line, has the very good oil resistance, used in some special environment, such as our home kitchen, produce all kinds of work.Is due to the characteristics of the work, produce, cause all kinds of plug wire equipment, demand too much grease.The high quality rubber line, therefore, to have good oil resistance.Ningbo gulkov electric appliance co., LTD produces all kinds of oil, about the rubber line without any damage, at the same time, also can avoid due to the stimulation of oil on the rubber line, causing corrosion form the internal wiring of doubt.So, rubber line, with excellent oil resistance, about the quality of all goods, it is also very important.
Is more than four, ningbo qiaopu electronics co., LTD. Produces rubber line, four characteristics is very important, be short of one cannot, our consumers, when purchasing related products can be based on the above four, about the quality of the goods for testing.
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