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The reason why the tin copper wire is easy to yellow

Date:2016-04-03 01:21:00Author:匿名visited:1269

The reason why the tin copper wire is easy to yellow

The usual reasons for yellowing are:

1, furnace temperature is too high, high mobility, pinhole coating caused excessive copper tin penetration of

2, tin layer is too thin, copper and tin penetration

3, excessive halogen flux residues, pickling copper surface is not completely

4, the packing time is too fast, the heat is not scattered, tin too many impurities

5 copper quality doesn't pass, magazines too much

Because of the temperature effect of atomic movement speed, so the hot cold yellow, this problem is handled as follows:
1 die diameter > line by +0.02mm (the purpose is very simple not coating too thin);
2 after the production of 2 hours after the placement of the packaging can be (Objective: internal heat)
3 flux buy good, with a good concentration of flux, flux mainly affect the tin quality;
4 choose a better oxygen free copper wire;
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