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The importance of power cord plug inspection

Date:2016-04-03 01:21:00Author:匿名visited:1158

Analysis of the importance of power cord plug test in Ningbo Joe & P Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Inspection is to control the quality of the product, the quality inspection personnel must strictly control the product, the qualified and unqualified products to distinguish. Simple power line plug quality inspection, also known as post hoc test. Its main task is the unqualified raw materials selected, semi-finished products unqualified does not enter into the next procedure, namely according to the requirements of the quality of the products, the unqualified goods rejected out, not to put into production into work of a sequence or manufactured products. This post hoc test, for the prevention of substandard products mixed with the production or factory, to ensure product quality is completely necessary. On the actual situation of our current jopp, must check strictly "gatekeeper" in the future, we. However, after all, the test is passive, to ensure product quality focus on the test is not a fundamental solution to the quality of the problem. Checks to be strict, only to reject singled out, can not solve the problem of waste generated reason should be implementation checks and the combination of proactive prevention, prevention oriented principle, and inspection personnel to implement the card, protection, help, methods of work. Card: checks; prevention: that the prevention of waste generated, nip in the bud; help: and to the operating personnel were technical guidance, together to solve the quality problem;, propagandizing the principle of quality first, is proposed to solve the weakness of pure quality inspection.

The power cord plug product inspection is a strict implementation of the national policy on the quality of products, policies and standards promulgated by the superior wire and cable technology products and related products to ensure the quality of the system. Practice has proved that the quality of wire and cable products is related to the safety of electricity, and related to the improvement of the quality of life of the people, related to the brand and reputation. But high yield and good quality of wire and cable products is not alone test to determine the, but in the process of designing and producing produced annual again after inspection judge quality products. Product quality is a comprehensive reflection of the company, so to improve the quality of wire and cable products is the responsibility of all employees. To improve product quality, we must promote the comprehensive quality management, rely on the masses, to ensure product quality. Product quality inspection is not only an important part of total quality management, but also an indispensable part of the production process to ensure product quality, is an important means to ensure the quality of products. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the quality inspection of wire and cable products.

What is the product quality inspection? Product quality inspection is to make use of certain means or methods, determination of the characteristics of the quality of the products, and then to do was determined and the results compare with the established quality standards, thus the products make a qualified or unqualified judgments.

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